Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dear Adalyn...

This weeks Toddle Along Tuesday is a letter to your child in the future.  Make sure to link up or read other great letters here.

Dear Adalyn,

This is your mama.  You're still my little bean though you've grown into a young woman.  It's hard to believe the days of you not sleeping through the night have turned into you sleeping until noon.  Your temper tantrums and meltdowns we experienced when you were a little one we have continued to experience at the lovely age of 16.  We watched you grow while still in the womb and I still have the stretch marks to prove it.  

I want you to know a few things:

Follow your dreams.  It will take a lot of hard work and determination, you will stumble along the way and reach several hurdles that will be tough to battle through.  You'll be so proud of your blood, sweat and tears in the end.

Settle for no one.  This applies to your friends as well as the men you date and the one you'll some day marry.  Your friends will be with you when times are tough and in moments of celebration.  Make sure they are the people you want to see in these moments.  Make sure the man you choose to marry is a man that treats your mother like gold, who respects me as much as he worships the ground you walk on.  He should be a man who will defend you and your children to anyone.

Enjoy your youth for as long as you can.  The real world can be fun but it can be scary and challenging.  There's no rush to grow up.  Wait, let me clarify that.  When you're 21 years old you should have a job and understand the value of time and money but please don't rush into buying a house, moving in with a boy or marrying anyone too young.  You have plenty of time to do these monumental things when you're a bit older.

So much has changed but so much has remained the same.  You are part of me.  I will never forget when you would sit on my lap and run your fingers through my hair because it soothed you, or the first time you actually hugged me with your arms squeezing tightly around my neck, or the first time you said mama.  I love you today just as much as I loved you the moment I first heard your cries in that operating room.  I will love you this much for every day of my life.


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