Thursday, June 7, 2012

Adalyn's First Beach Vacation

Earlier this week I mentioned that we were in Myrtle Beach, SC for our first family vacation.  I gave suggestions on traveling with a toddler, beaching with a toddler and even gave you a photo of what a toddler looks like when they've eaten sand.  So today I finally have upload a photo collage of some of the pictures I took while on vacation.  My suggestion is to take hundreds of pictures, you can delete when you get home.

I love the picture in the top right (above) where she's playing in the sand. This was her first time sitting in sand.  At first she wasn't a fan but she quickly warmed up to it.
This was another night on the beach.  You'll notice she made it about 5 minutes before she fell from running excitedly down the beach (bottom right).

This combo is one of my favorite.  Her and her daddy, her big blue exhausted eyes, and her blonde locks that kept blowing in the wind.  


Lots of beaching, lots of napping, lots of fun.  The best part is we get to begin a countdown to our next vacation happening in 3 months!  We cannot wait.



  1. Adalyn is such an angel. From your photos alone, I can see how happy she was playing under the sun. Beaches are a good place for family bonding and when she’s a bit older, you can do more activities at the beach. So, where’s your next vacation going to be?

    Donna Parsley

  2. What a lovely little girl! I love her expressive blue eyes! I can’t help but stare at it. How old is she? You should bring her to the beach more often so that she’ll grow fond of water and, hopefully, be a good swimmer. Have fun and stay safe!

    -Darius Cartmell



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