Monday, June 25, 2012

Adalyn Month Seventeen

Late with your update though not nearly as late as your sixteen month update.  This month has been an exciting month of changes and new developments that we're really excited to watch.

Stats:  You're still hanging out right around 24 pounds.  We tried to measure your height but you just wouldn't stand still.  We think you're about 29 inches tall.  Still not quite to the 18 month clothes and are still wearing the 12 month clothes rather nicely.  Your shoe size is still a 4.  I'm hoping your feet grow slowly because shoes are not cheap!

Sleep Schedule:  Just like every other month this really varies.  For weeks you were consistently waking up and would not go back to sleep.  I'd come in and rock you for 5-10 minutes, you'd fall asleep snoring in my arms.  Very slowly I would stop rocking, stand up, and inch by inch lower you very slowly into your crib.  As soon as your body touched the mattress you were wide awake and crying.  Thankfully, you seem to have turned a corner as the past week you've made it successfully through the night.  You go to sleep around 8-8:30 and wake up around 6:30-7.  You're still taking one nap a day which last about 2 hours, sometimes longer.

Foods:  Same as previous months, though I did manage to sneak in some ground turkey which was hidden in a sloppy joe sandwich.  Your mama is tricky!  You did have a few firsts on the food front.  Your first taste of sweet peppers at a graduation party.  You loved them which surprises your dada and me as we both can't stand the taste of them.  You also tried edamame for the first time and shockingly we found another winner!  You also had sauerkraut at the local Creekside Jazz & Blues festival, we couldn't stop you from eating that!  Still drinking about 14 ounces of milk from a sippy cup.

Firsts:  Besides the new foods you tried I mentioned above, you also went on your first beach vacation.  Your first touch, and taste, of sand.  Your first time playing in the water and feeling the sand being drug back to the ocean as you stood at the shore line.  Your first park ride at the Creekside Jazz & Blues festival.  You loved it.  Your mama was terrified you would scream the entire time.  Your daddy had you spinning so fast in that little strawberry!

Favorite Toys:  Still books, you're really starting to love your baby dolls and try to feed them out of your sippy.  You love your pool!

You seem to have changed a lot this month.  I'm starting to notice that you try to make different sounds you hadn't before been making.  I think you're really trying to learn how to talk this month and I would imagine we'll start hearing some words in the next month or so.  As I mentioned before you're starting to play with your dolls like you're their mama and I can't wait to get you a baby doll stroller and fun accessories for you to play with. We can't wait to see how you change next month!




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