Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adalyn Month Sixteen

I'm late again with your update but better late than never right?  I was supposed to post this prior to vacation but it was a bit chaotic trying to get everything organized for vacation.

Stats:  You're hovering in right around 24 pounds.  I don't think you've grown much taller as you're still in some of your twelve month clothes though you are approaching the eighteen month mark in clothing.  Your shoe size is still sitting at about a 3.5 though we did have to buy a new pair of size 4 sandals for vacations.

Sleep Schedule:  Your sleep schedule at night begins at 7:30 or 8 depending on your mood.  You get a bath every other night then we read to you and give you a sippy of milk for the evening.  You are usually in bed by 8 or 8:30 and you put yourself down usually after 5 minutes of crying.  You typically sleep straight through and wake around 6:30.  Ocassionally your sleep is interrupted by what I suspect are those terrible teeth causing your crankiness. On those nights I try to soothe you back to sleep in just a few short minutes.  Your still at one nap schedule, usually going to sleep at noon and you're sleeping 2 hours or more.

Foods:  Again, your eating everything but still remain rather picky when it comes to meats.  We found out on Cinco de Mayo that you love salsa as long as it isn't too spicy!  You drink approximately 14 ounces of milk a day from your sippy.  Finally no more bottles!

Firsts:  The biggest first for you was your first wedding.  Not only was it your first wedding you attended but you also got to attend as a flower girl.  Another first for the month!

Favorite Toys:  Books still remain your favorite "toy".  We have a couple water toys (pool, sprinkler, etc) that you really love to play in on a hot day.

Another month has past.  I cannot believe you're nearly 18 months old.  How time flys!


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