Monday, August 11, 2014

Product Review: My First Book Series

Books are big in our house.  Addie has an entire bookcase full of them and she does not share well when it comes to her books.  If there was one thing she had to pick out of all of her toys, she'd likely choose her books.  I think this comes from me being a big reader when I was younger.  I could sit and read an entire book in one day, when I was 10.  It's what brought me a lot of joy, the imagination I got to experience with each book I read.  So books are important to me and to my kids.

So when Sophie Helenek reached out to me to see if I had interest in having Graham review her books I was all over it.  The My First Book series is fantastic for babies because each page includes some great contrasting images.  Those black and white pages for younger babies who see only in black and white.  There are also pages full of color and along with each image is a word the parent can say aloud to help baby to recognize the images by your voice.

The books are great!  Graham loves the eye catching pictures.  There are really so many great features to the books that a parent may overlook.  The black and white pages, the eye catching color pages, the line that borders each page to help draw babies attention back to the subject and each letter of the word is in a different color. 

They're the perfect size for babies little hands and are a sturdy board book for that teething stage that Graham is currently in.  Even at nearly 4, Addie is also digging the books but she is my bookworm!

Check out Sophie's page on Amazon where you can purchase these books.  They make a great baby shower gift to start out new babies book collection.  You can also keep up with the My First Book series via Twitter.


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