Monday, August 25, 2014

2014 Myrtle Beach Vacation

Vacation?  What vacation?  Well, my friends we went on a vacation the first week of June but I never posted about it.  Not shocking since my posting has drastically dropped off recently. This whole full time working mom of two thing is exhausting.  You'd think after 2 months of being back from vacation that I'd have edited all the photos I took, but no.  So prepare yourself for loads of beach pictures.

Addie is my beach baby.  She couldn't wait and asked if we were at the beach about 50 times during the car ride down.

Graham, on the other hand, hated it.

Addie wasn't happy that I asked her to sit next to Graham.  Too much time wasted that she could have been jumping over waves.

We took a break from the ocean for one day and did some walking around shops. Addie was prime age for "I want, I want" so every corner we turned we knew we had another battle to fight.  This was one of those battles.

Each year I try to capture a couple beach photos for memories sake.  Two is much harder to photograph than one.

Addie won't let me pull her hair back.  Instead she insists on holding it to one side.

I love this picture because Graham has had enough.

A family of about 15 was walking up to take some family photos and one lady offered to take our picture while the rest of the family stood behind her and jumped up and down trying to get Addie and Graham to look at the camera.  They caught their attention.  Addie looks confused and Graham terrified while Rick and I smile patiently.

Vacation was fantastic and I cannot wait until next year when Graham is up and walking around, not eating sand and I can relax a little more.



  1. I love Myrtle Beach it is probably one of my favorite places. :)

  2. You got some great shots. MB is one of my favorite places and I was bummed to miss out on going this year.



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