Thursday, August 28, 2014

Graham Month Eleven

My sweet Graham, you're 11 months old.  Just one month shy of your one year birthday and what a year it has been.  Time has flown by.  We've loved watching you grow and learn over the past 11 months but I wish it would slow.  You change so quickly that we don't get to enjoy the beautiful moments in between.

Stats:  My guess is you weigh about 24lbs, you're still short and your head is still big.  You're in 12 month clothes and just got fitted for your first pair of shoes.  You're a size 4w.

Sleep Schedule:  Sleep is still consistent with bedtime routine.  You're down by 8 and up at 6:30.  I'd love to push that 6:30 wake up call back by an hour but I'm happy you're sleeping through the night still.  The process to put you down for the night or a nap is still a challenge.  You've actually developed a trick.  When I walk you into your room to put you down for the night, you quiver your lip and begin to cry.  We rock for a few minutes but you seem very tired and are always trying to get off my lap.  You don't like to go to sleep at all.  Naps are still short and I believe we'll begin the process to transition down to one a days.  Hoping this helps both nap time and nighttime.

Food:  You love it all. You really like meat which is something your sister still doesn't enjoy.  Fruit is a big favorite as is pasta and Mexican food.  You are now trying to feed yourself though it's a challenge.  Water is becoming a big favorite of yours as well.  You can't get enough water though you're still learning to drink slowly.

Firsts:  You are walking running at this point.  You began taking your first couple steps around 10.5 months and by 11 months you were taking multiple steps and are now trying to run.  It's fun to watch you "run" because your head leads the charge but not long before you topple over.  You're getting good at picking yourself up each time you fall.  You went on your first overnight trip with us up to Middle Bass Island and had your first real camping experience.

Favorites:  There's one thing you love more than everything else.  Your sister Addie.  Probably even more so than me and you really love me.  You love to walk over to her and lay your head on her head.  You actually like to lay directly on her and pin her down.  The wrestling begins...  You love Chloe as well and have spent some time laying with her as well.

We're weeks away from your first birthday and it's all very bittersweet.  I cannot wait for your big day but I try to cherish each moment with you as you grow.


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