Monday, June 30, 2014

Graham Month Nine

Nine months!  You've now lived outside as long as you developed inside.  How amazing that you've been in our lives, in one way or another, for a year and a half.  Nine months is such a fun age, I love how much you've developed and how responsive you are.

Stats:  You're 21 lbs putting you in the 50-75%, and your length I cannot remember but I do know it's in the 10%.  Your head, as usual, is still at 98%.  You're wearing 9-12 month clothes, not yet wearing shoes.

Sleep Schedule:  Sleep is the same as it has been over the past few months.  You still go to sleep around 8pm, sleep about 6 hours, nurse, sleep another 4 hours and you're up for the day.  Your naps at grandmas house during the week are about 90 minutes in length (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) however during the weekends you only sleep about 90 minutes.

Foods:  Again, there still isn't a food you don't like at this point.  You've started eating more big kid foods, like spaghetti, soups, quesadillas, etc.  You're a big fan of rice and yogurt melts.  You love "ice cream" which, for you, is actually a banana dessert I make (recipe to follow).

Firsts:  Big month of firsts.  First long car trip, first family vacation, first time on a beach.  After our big beach vacation we took Addie and you strawberry picking.  Not that you really got to do anything or will remember.  You're now crawling very well.  Just before vacation you began cruising on furniture and you're super proud of yourself.  You squat down and stand back up from the couch when you're trying to pick up a toy.

Favorites:  You love the xylophone and like to play music on it by banging the stick against it.  Water, you love playing in the water and especially love splashing.  It's actually rather scary how brave you are around water.  Addie always was as well, that just means we need to be even more cautious when you're around water.

I've said it before, it's so much fun to see you growing and learning so many new things.  The xylophone is one of these ways we see you figuring it all out.  We show you how to play music and you hold the little stick in your hand and hit the xylophone to get the music.  You haven't figured out how to hold the stick properly and most times it's your first hitting the xylophone but you're getting there.  Your pincher grasp is getting slightly better though you're still shoving most of your fist in your mouth.

We have lots of fun summer activities and plans for the next few months so I'm sure even more will change that we get to experience with you.  This reminds me to take more pictures, not on my cellphone.


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  1. Omg I said the same thing about taking pictures on my cell phone. So I requested a nice camera for my birthday!! I wanted to take better pics and stay off my phone as much as I can!!!



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