Thursday, June 19, 2014

Graham Month Eight

Late again this month, but better late than never?  I'm working on it.  This month you were baptized and met a big milestone so I'm sure the next few months will have big firsts as well.  I also failed to grab some fabric to take your picture on so, instead you get this fantastic picture which truly represents your personality.  Covered in your love of food, with a serious stare down going on.  Rocking the mohawk and rubberband wrists.

Stats:  Likely around 21-22lbs which is crazy!  Looking back to this post of your sisters, you are actually right around the same weight at the time.  Except you must have larger thighs than your sister has since you're in size 12 month pants/shorts to get over the thighs.  You're in size 3 diapers.

Sleep Schedule:  Sleep is still not consistent.  You have good days/nights and bad days/nights.  You typically go to sleep each night around 8 and will wake up typically once to nurse and then back down again until around 6:30.  You take 2-3 naps a day, still around 45 minutes in length with an occasional nap over an hour.

Foods:  There still really aren't any foods that you completely dislike.  You're not a huge fan of bananas individually but you will eat them blended into other foods.  Avocado remains a heavy favorite of yours along with puffs and yogurt melts.  You're still eating a good amount of cereal/oatmeal each day.  That's probably the one food you could consistently eat every day and not tire of.  You still drink about 30ounces of milk each day.

Firsts:  You had your first boat ride this month which you liked, minus when we put on your life vest...not a fan!  You also started crawling just a few days before you turned 8 months.  It's a slow crawl but it's enough to get you where you need to go.  You were baptized this month, finally!  You spent a lot of time screaming and blowing raspberries.  You stole the show!

Favorites:  Sister is still your favorite person, well outside of me, but I think some days she's the only person who can make you smile when you're crying.  That makes me smile a lot.  Your blanket is one of your favorite things now.  When I lay you down on your stomach I quickly pull up the blanket to your neck and you reach back and wrap your hands into the blanket to make sure you're snug.

We've retired a lot of items this month you no longer use.  The baby swing, which you were never much of a fan of.  The jumperoo has been sitting in the corner without much use from you lately.  Next month is going to be a month of firsts since you'll be headed out on your first vacation.




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