Sunday, January 5, 2014

I'm Back

Every time I hear someone say "We're Back" or something along those lines I immediately start singing in my head, "Backstreets back, alright!" or "Oh my God, we're back again".  How can I not?  I did grow up in the age of boy bands.  I heart you JC!  So it's been a nice 2 week break but I didn't intend for it to be that long.  I figured I'd probably pop on and blog a bit throughout the holidays but to be honest, the moment Christmas Eve hit, I was feeling all sorts of just relax and enjoy the family.  So I did.  But, I'm back now.  So to ease into things, today's post is a boat load of pictures for you.  Enjoy!

Christmas Eve is when it all began.  Such a long evening.

She left cookies & milk for Santa.

Addie came out Christmas morning and ran straight to see if Santa ate his cookies she left for him.  He did and she said, "he left crumbs".

She got a balance bike from Santa.

Graham was super content through the morning.

He got a lovey and he loves it.

Check out all those bells at the bottom of the tree.  Addie did that.

At my parents she wore her new tutu.

Her big gift with some assistance from the dogs.

Her pretty jewelry.  She was getting weird by this point in the morning.

Christmas this year was so much fun.  She finally got it.  She talked about Santa, and Frosty the elf when she noticed he returned to the North Pole.  She got it all this year and it was so much fun as a parent to enjoy the magic of Christmas with her.

How cute is this little booty?  Graham got jeans for Christmas.  I die.

His NYE garb.

Saying goodnight to 2013.

As a last hurrah before it all got back to normal, I took Addie to see Frozen.  She did awesome!

It was such a nice break and I'm happy to be back into a rhythm but I can't wait until Christmas next year with two littles to enjoy it with.  How was your holiday?


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  1. Such adorable little ones you have! Love these photos. :)



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