Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Resolutions

Last year I was on it.  Three days into the new year and I had a post about my resolutions & goals for the year.  This year, it's day 13 and I'm just getting to it.  With two kids who consume every moment of my time, there hasn't been a lot of focus on the blog.  I apologize for that but I imagine most of you understand the need to put things on the back burner that aren't as important in life.  I shared my 2012 & 2013 goals with you so feel free to check those out if interested, otherwise, let's get to it.

Continuing the trend, one of my biggest goals/resolutions for 2014 will be surrounding weight loss & fitness.  It's funny, last year when I wrote that post my goal was start dieting, exercising, sharing my stories with you and only 3 weeks later I found out I was pregnant with Graham.  So this year, that will be a huge focus for me especially since his deliver is so recent.  I've got a weight loss goal in mind but mini goals along the way.  Part of the weight loss goal is also a goal to get more active and tone up my body more.  You can guarantee I'll be doing 30 day shred again.

Rick and I talked yesterday about selling our house and we think this year might be the year to make that happen.  I'm really excited about that because we've been in the house for 8 years now and we're all cramped so the  goal is start focusing on that search towards the end of the year and hopefully be moved by about this time next year.

Becoming more involved with Addie and Graham.  I know this sounds bizarre since I spend nearly every other hour with Graham throughout the night, but I need to be more focused in my interaction with them.  I think we all fall victim to technology being so readily available and I sometimes find myself checking out Facebook when I'm nursing Graham.  What I should be doing is enjoying those quiet moments just the two of us when he's happiest. Last year, this was sort of a goal of mine with Addie.  To get her more involved in activities with children her age.  In a couple weeks she starts dance and I cannot wait.

It's funny as I read back on 2012's summary for 2013 regarding my career.  I spoke about how I had become stagnant in my career and made a leap to leave a company I had been with for quite sometime.  I also mentioned I thought 2013 would be a huge year for my career.  Funny how that prediction worked out.  Midway through 2013 I had an opportunity to take a promotion with the new company and spent a lot of time focusing on doing my best at the job.  Towards the end of 2013 I was approached by my former employer to make a return to my previous company which I did.  I actually started last Monday so 2013 was huge for me.  This year, I'm really looking to focus in my job and make myself a prominent member of the team.

And finally, and probably a pretty important goal I seem to set every year, is to take more pictures.  This has become more and more important to me since having Graham because I feel like I don't have a lot of time to focus on this.  I feel like I'm short changing both Graham and Addie and even Rick and me.  We'll need those photo memories at some point in our lives to remember these days that seem to roll together in one big blur.  Those two kids are the reason we work so hard at our jobs and to become better people.

What's your biggest goal or resolution for the new year?



  1. Good luck! I don't really do resolutions, but I'm always up for taking more pictures! :)

  2. You have a pretty nice set of goals and in my opinion, it will be best to start with your mini goals first. Just to prepare your body for the certain adjustment that will happen. Also, good luck in selling your house. It’s a challenging job but very rewarding. Are you planning to ask for a broker’s help? Some think it’s not necessary, but it will be good and less stressful for you to get proper guidance on the long selling process.

    Scott Sauer

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