Monday, January 20, 2014

Graham Month Four

Oh my sweet Graham!  I can't believe the last update was before Christmas, it doesn't feel like that long ago. So much has changed in the last month that I suppose my post about you not sleeping might make some type of sense.

Stats:  No official stats to provide at this time as his 4 month well check is scheduled for next Wednesday.  Last time we checked on our scale at home he weighed about 15 lbs.  He's still rocking size 3 month clothes but I'm sure as he continues to pack on the pounds he'll be out of those in no time.

Sleep Schedule:  Still erratic.  He drives me insane with his sleep, or lack of.  He takes his first nap (on the weekends) at 9 and we push him to sleep until 11.  By push, I mean if he fusses we go into his room and attempt to rock him back to sleep in his rock n play.  He usually makes it with a little assistance.  He'll then be on a schedule of wake, eat, play, and approximately 2 hours of that until he sleeps for about 45 minutes.  That schedule stays in play until about 8pm when we get ready for bed.  He'll go to sleep by 9 at the absolute latest and is down until about 11:30, 4, 6.  We've got to eliminate that 11:30 wake up.

Foods:  Still nursing, as much as he can get away with.  We did introduce rice cereal to him over the weekend and while he some what gets it, I don't think he's quite ready so we'll like re-introduce in a couple weeks.  He's eating about 4.5oz of BM and if he drinks formula he's closer to 6oz.

Firsts:  He experienced his first Christmas, first New Years, first time eating cereal and the big one this weekend was he rolled over for the first time.  I couldn't believe it so I called Rick in to watch and he immediately did it another 3-4 times.  I may have a baby genius on my hands.  ;)

Favorites:  Still loves milk, his favorite thing.  But his big sister Addie is the apple of his eye.  He cannot get enough of her.  He's so enamored with her and it's so fun to watch him watch her.  He'll laugh and try to talk to her while she pays him no attention.

This month was a huge developmental month for Graham and I can't imagine what I'll be posting about at next months update!


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