Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Frugal Find - elf Cosmetics

By reading my blog you know I'm a frugal person.  If I can find a way to save a buck I'll do it.  I'm signed up for almost all discount website, Target Daily Deals being one of them.

We all know makeup isn't cheap and you can easily spend a small fortune just to enhance your natural beauty.  A few years ago when I stumbled upon elf Cosmetics I fell in love.  They offer great makeup related products at an affordable price.  At the time, the products were only available online but recently Target has started carrying some of their products in store.

A few weeks back Target was offering the elf 144 piece ultimate eye shadow palette set at 33% off the original price through their daily deals.  Being a fan of all things elf I jumped on the opportunity and got this beauty in the mail Saturday.  I have been 'messmerized' since!

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{NOTE:  I was not paid for this post, I simply loved the products}


  1. This looks amazing! I really want it! :) I've never used elf - how is the quality of the makeup? Does it stay on well?

  2. I like their tools but I'm not a huge fan of their makeup products. The eyeshadows don't last long IMO, maybe someone else has had better luck though. The prices can't be beat, that's for sure and they do have a "mineral" line now :)

  3. I tried to order this but I was too late! I hope you enjoy it, it looks awesome! :]

  4. Elizabeth - I think for the cost you get a good product. Especially when it comes to the eye shadow. I do tend to put a bit more on than with other products to make it pop a bit more. Otherwise I really like them for the price!



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