Friday, July 18, 2014

Fourth of July 2014

Each fourth of July, or rather, third of July we rotate going to my in laws lake house to watch fireworks or to Red, White & Boom with my family.  This year was the year of the boom!  Knowing the kids would be up rather late I put Addie down for a nap a couple hours prior to leaving.  Of course she feel asleep about 30 minutes before we were to leave so we got this.

Crabby pants.  So shortly after arriving, I grabbed this.

My dad is a firefighter and every year for the fourth, they have a big party for all the firefighters an their families at their union hall.  Free food, free beer, and a front row seat to the fireworks.

They even put up that fantastic fencing since you need a wristband to attend.  

Very American with the hot dog & burger dinner.  Pasta salad and cowboy doesn't get much more American.

We were at the party for about 6 hours so Addie was getting a bit bored after hours of bouncing in the bounce house.  Rick took her out into the crowds to walk around and she came back with Elsa face paint.

It looked fantastic with her blue eyes. So pretty.

Rick and I decided to leave the kids with my parents and take a walk ourselves out into the traffic.  Thousands of people in attendance.

Addie loved the fireworks.

As did Graham for about 5 minutes and then he fell asleep.

We had unseasonably cool weather.  We were wearing sweatshirts in the middle of summer.  So the next morning we were able to take a walk without sweating buckets.

Then we went to Mary's house for a seafood boil.  

Addie ate every last one of the mussels in the picture below.

Graham spent the afternoon playing and smiling!

We even got to go to a parade.  Addie caught a lot of candy and had we not told her to come back she probably would've ran a mile down the road to pick up any lone candies.

Such a fantastic weekend!


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