Monday, May 19, 2014

Graham Month Seven

Nearly a month late, but here it is.  Life is getting in the way of blogging.  Mini goals set to get 3 blog posts a week.  Anything you guys want to hear about from me?  Any questions you have? Let me know, this can help generate some posts.

I seriously cannot believe that Graham is already 7 months old! Less than 6 months to his first birthday and I'm sure that time will fly by.  Graham turned 7 months on Easter Sunday and we all enjoyed the nice weather outside.  Here's what has changed over the last month.

(NOTE:  I took 7 month pictures but apparently they were "lost" in upload and then deleted from the camera.  Really irritated but I'll try not to let it bother me.)

Stats:  My chunky monkey grows bigger every day.  Especially with the solids he's consuming.  I imagine weight is at 20-21lbs and length is at 25inches.  Wearing size 9-12 month clothes. It really seems to depend between brand and type of clothing (shorts, shirts, etc).  Not in shoes yet.  Head is a rather large size so we have you in 12-24 month hats.  :)

Sleep Schedule:  Still terrible.  On the weekends you manage to only sleep a maximum of 90 minutes all day long in naps.  That's broken up by 3 - 30 minute naps, one in the morning, mid day, and late afternoon.  We lay you down to bed around 8/8:30 and you've continued to wake at around 12/1 and sometimes again at 4:30.  We're trying to kick that midnight wake up but you've spent a couple nights screaming for 90 minutes on and off.  It's been rough.  I don't know when to go in and when to let you go.  If I go in, it seems to make things worse as you see me and want to nurse.  Mornings you wake up by 7.

Foods:  He's yet to meet a food he despises but I'm sure that will change.

Firsts:  Two teeth!  Seriously, two teeth in one month is crazy!  But they're there.  Various new foods, mostly fruits & veggies, but we did give a couple bites of bread.

Favorites: Little Miss Addie.  Still his favorite thing.  He loves this little giraffe that has buttons on it.  He pushes the buttons and they play music and then he sits up and rocks back and forth to the music.

Later this week I *hope* to have the 8 month post up.  I say this every month but it seems like so much has changed in a month.  So excited to share with you.  I love this boy more and more everyday.


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