Monday, May 5, 2014

Easter 2014

I know what you're thinking.  It's May 5th and you're just now telling us what happened Easter weekend?  Yes, that is what I'm telling you.  Easter weekend was fun but busy for us.  Saturday we did an Easter egg hunt at the local high school.  They had 3 different age categories, luckily we were in the first.  The egg hunt was more of an egg scramble (haha) but it was on the hs football field.  7000 eggs were spread across the football field and then a helicopter flew over and dropped another 200 or so eggs to start us off.

The hunt was over in about 20 seconds.  Just before the countdown began I told Addie she would need to run as fast as she could when they said go. She did!  She got a lot of eggs.  Three is definitely the age for egg hunting!  

That afternoon, we went to Rick's parents house for Easter lunch.  His mom set up an Easter egg hunt for Addie.  Since she's the only grandchild old enough to hunt she didn't have to rush through the hunt and found a lot of good stuff.  

Sunday morning we woke up and ran out to see what the Easter bunny brought the kids.

Luckily, Addie does a great job sharing with Graham and gave him his bucket to go through.

Basically everything in the basket was found at Target, most of it in the dollar spot section except for Frozen and the Carter's hair clips.

Graham's basket was full of baby snacks, a couple squeaky chewable books and the dream lite I found on clearance for $7.50.  The kid loves staring at the lights coming out of these, not so much what they display on the ceilings.

Sunday morning we went to church then went up to my parents house for lunch and another Easter egg hunt.  This one had some of my cousins children and, surprisingly, did very well wit them there as well.  Sometimes she shocks me with her sharing skills.

If only I could get her to behave at dinner and not put her feet on the table in the restaurant.  Ugh!


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  1. Glad Addie got some eggs on her helicopter egg drop. Ours was so quick when we did it one year we didn't get any!



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