Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Graham is Baptized

When we baptized Addie, she was 6 weeks old.  This weekend, we baptized 8 months old.  The whole second baby problems where everything gets delayed and isn't as urgent as the first time around.  It was actually quite funny how large Graham was in comparison to the other babies.

Addie with her godfather Joey.

Graham loves water.  I'm actually quite surprised he didn't try to flip over and dive into the water while the priest poured water on his head.

Instead, he just stared at the priest and blew raspberries the entire time.

My little man.  It's amazing how babies can look so much like their mother but at the same time like their father.  I see me in his eye shape, nose and mouth but somehow still see Rick.

We selected my friend Katie to be Graham's godmother and Rick's youngest brother Zack to be his godfather.

And yes, Katie swallowed a watermelon.  :) 

She's due literally any day now and we can't wait to meet her little guy!


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