Monday, February 24, 2014

Graham Month Five

My man Graham.  Five months old already, I can't believe how fast it's all going.  I'm really excited about enjoying spring with a baby who is so interested in experiencing new sounds, feelings, colors, textures, etc.  It will be so much fun exploring and witnessing his reaction to all those things.

Stats:  Last month you weighted in at 16lbs 9oz so I'm sure you're at 17lbs at this point.  At this point, you've doubled your birth weight.  Last month you were 25" long which was up nearly 3 full inches. You definitely hit your 4 month growth spurt!  Since that appointment you've probably grown another inch.  Your head at 4 months was in the 98th percentile.  No surprise there!

Sleep Schedule:  Your sleep may be working into a rhythm at night.  For the past couple nights you've slept a 5 hour stretch followed by a 4 hour stretch.  You get to sleep at approximately 8:30-9 each night and wake up around 6:30 each day.  Your naps are still consistently 45min-1 hour naps so I'm really hoping this is the month those naps start breaking into 2 hour naps.  This will offer me a much need break on the weekends to get things done.  PS.  It might even make you sleep better at night so let's work on that buddy!

Food: Last month I mentioned  we had just introduced cereal and your first solid food, sweet potatoes.  To date you've had those plus carrots, peas, oatmeal and prunes.  You prefer oatmeal to cereal and out of the solids you enjoy sweet potatoes and prunes most.  You drink approximately 5oz of breast milk at each of your feedings throughout the day. Yep, you're still going strong on the breast milk!

Firsts: Well, you're now sitting up completely unassisted.  We still keep a pillow behind you just in case you get crazy on us.  You attended your first party, granted it was your sisters but you did really well.  You you're getting really good at finding a toy you really want and know that your hands will help bring that to you.  I love watching you do this.

Favorites: You still really enjoy nursing so I don't imagine you'll want to stop anytime soon.  You love your sister, you laugh at her when she's not watching you.  It's so cute to watch you so in love with her. You love your jumperoo and have recently enjoyed just sitting by yourself and playing with your toys.  This is huge for you as for the longest time you've needed a lot of one on one attention.

This month has been so much fun to watch you grow and I imagine next will be even more exciting to see what you learn and experience next.


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