Friday, February 14, 2014

Addie's 3rd Birthday Party

My little baby girl turned 3!  I can't believe it.  So much has changed in 3 years, she's starting to look like such a little girl.

I love her little dress.  I found it on one of those discount sites, either or  I need to find another reason for her to wear it.

When I asked her what type of birthday party she wanted, she said she wanted an ice cream birthday.  So off to Pinterest I went for ideas.


Cupcakes. Literally so easy really.  Just bake a box of cupcakes and pipe the icing on in fun colors and then add the waffle cone to the bottom to make it look like a giant ice cream cone.

I wanted to keep the food simple and easy since dessert would be more work.  Subway foot long subs, veggie pizza, pasta salad and chips.  Subway has party platters but honestly they're ridiculously expensive for the amount you get.  So we bought about 8 foot longs and were lucky enough that January was all foot longs $5.

An ice cream sundae bar was a requirement for this party.  We had nearly 20 people at the party and I knew I didn't want to spend a lot of time setting this up during the party nor did I want to spend a lot of time scooping ice cream.  So I did the set up the night before and covered the paper with a white plastic table cloth.  I scooped the ice cream a couple hours before the party and popped them back in the freezer until we were ready to build.

 The cups & wooden spoons were ordered off Etsy.  All the toppings were picked up at Target or at Meijer.

 It was all such a hit.  Addie was in heaven and everyone really enjoyed building the sundae of their choosing.

We may do the ice cream bar again for parties in the summer.  So much fun!


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