Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Breakfast Scramble for Dinner

There are days when I come home from work, quickly work out before Rick and the kids get home and then have to figure out what's for dinner.  Honestly there are a lot of nights that I just toss something together very last minute.  Monday night was one of those nights.  I hadn't pulled anything out of the freezer to thaw so I was thinking about what I could toss together quickly.  I remembered we had some of those smoked sausages so I decided breakfast for dinner, and why not make it even easier by tossing it all into one big pan to cook.

1 link smoked sausage (I used andouille)
Hash browns
6 eggs + milk for scrambling
1 cup cheddar cheese

You'll want to start by cooking your hash browns to your liking.  While those are cooking, cut up your sausage into bite sized pieces.  Toss the sausage into the hash browns once they're cooked.  While the hash browns continue to brown and the sausage heats up, crack 6 eggs and a splash of milk into a bowl and scramble.  Pour over hash browns & sausage and add in your cheddar cheese.  Cook until eggs are set.  Salt & pepper to taste & enjoy!


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