Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Creative Play for Kids

We're thinking of moving from the house we've lived in for nearly 10 years to a larger home.  In preparation for this, we've started making some small updates now so we aren't working on several large projects as we get closer to selling.  Upgrading our appliances was one of those projects.  We decided to swap out our old white appliances for new stainless steel.  In doing this, we were left with a decent sized box that Rick was going to throw away.  

It was starting to drizzle the Saturday after we had them installed so the kids were getting bored being cooped up indoors.  I decided to bring in the box and do some wall tear downs so they could easily go in and out.

someone is teething
They both loved it. They climb in and sit and talk to each other.  Graham babbles of course.  Addie brings in her blankets and acts like she's taking a nap.

I cut out a front door and this side window.  At one point it was a walk up window to order food, sometimes a house window, and my favorite, the puppet show window.

Addie has used it as a parking garage as noticeable in the above picture.

Friday after work, Rick was at happy hour with a couple coworkers so it was just the kids and me.  It was so nice outside and I knew it was probably one of our last nice days of the year so I pulled the house outside for the kiddos to play.  

The fresh air starting getting to the kids and they soon were knocking their house down and climbing on it's exterior walls.

The do it yourself home didn't last after that rumble tumble and it's been tossed to the trash.

The best part, I get to sit back on my deck and drink a glass of moscato while the two of them get to use their imaginations.  Easy, free fun for such a long period of time.  I think we'll actually need to purchase an outdoor playhouse next year since we won't be purchasing anymore dishwashers.


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