Friday, April 4, 2014

DIY: Dollhouse for Addie

This year for Addie's birthday I knew I wanted to give her a dollhouse but I didn't want to just buy a dollhouse.  One, they're super expensive for a nice one and two, I wanted her to have something she could keep forever that I built her. So I scoured Pinterest to find ideas on what other people did.  I realized I had the perfect starting piece.

This cheap bookcase that I purchased probably 15 years ago from Target when I was 17 living with my parents.  It had sat in our office filled with books we never read until we switched the office into Graham's nursery.  After a little cleaning, painting and "wall" additions, we had a dollhouse in need of furnishing.

I added scrapbook paper that I found at Hobby Lobby & Joann's to each of the back walls with spray adhesive.

The bunting I made out of a piece of fabric and paint cards I got from Home Depot and then cut up into triangles.

This room was intended to be the playroom.

This room was intended to be "Graham's room but that ugly painting needs re-painted.

This room was intended to be "mom & dad's" room.  I made the painting on the left from mini canvas' at Joann's.  

The picture on the back wall was from a frame I found at Hobby Lobby then painted black and inserted the Mr. & Mrs. sign.

This isn't the clearest picture but the little mirror was found at Hobby Lobby.

The fun bathroom.  I found the wooden furniture through Overstock which I would not recommend.  It took me forever to pop each piece out, sand it down and then paint.  Not fun.

I'm planning to keep my eye's open this spring at yard sales to find old dollhouse furniture I can spruce up.

The kitchen is one of my least favorite rooms but again, once I find that furniture it may help out.

This is my favorite wall.  A fun sparkly scrapbook paper with lots of glitter to it.  Furniture sucks but I'm working on that.  The photo here is again one I made.

I found Addie some "people" for her to play with at Hobby Lobby. They're in desperate need of a makeover but that's on the bottom of my list.  I can't wait to see how it all evolves.  Addie isn't really big into it at this point but I think she'll enjoy it more once I get better pieces for her to play with.


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