Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Conversations with a Toddler

Any of you watch Ellen?  Did you see the video of the boy a couple weeks ago calling his mom "Linda"?  The conversation went something like this:

Mom:  (son's name), listen
Son:  (interrupts mother) no Linda, you listen to me.  Listen, Linda.  Linda, listen.  Honey, listen.

This goes on, back and forth for like 5 minutes.  Cute video but I'm sure we've all been there when our toddler says something and it's not very funny at the time but looking back is pretty hilarious.

Lately we've been battling with Addie during the bedtime routine.  We go through our routine (bath, story, song, love you, good night) and about 60 seconds later, she's in our room.  She does this about 6 times each night with a different excuse, "I have to go potty", " can you build me a tent?", "there's a monster in my room", "I need lotion on my butt"...the list goes on.  A couple weeks ago, she was on her 3rd rotation back into my room and I was frustrated so I chased her back into her room while she shouted, "I'm not doing this again".  Clearly, I've made this statement several times in the past while chasing her back to bed.

I try not to laugh but it can often be difficult during the moment.  Other times you're so frustrated with the situation that it really is not funny until the next day.

Monday evening we went to the park and heard Addie have a very funny conversation.

Addie:  (to the little girl on the playground) what's yo name?
little girl:  Saveeya
Addie: oh, my name is Addie.  This is my family (as she Vanna White's with her hand to display us).  And that's my baby brover Gam.
little girl: (just looks at her)

Meanwhile, the grandfather is there with Saveeya and starts talking to Addie in response to her conversation with the little girl.

grandfather:  oh that's nice, I bet you're a good big sister
Addie:  yea, grandpa

Yes - my daughter called a stranger grandpa.  At least she hasn't called another man daddy.

What funny things has your toddler said?


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