Sunday, February 15, 2015

Graham's First Birthday

Since it has been some time since I posted, I figured as I begin again I should take you back.  So let's go back to Graham's first birthday.  Just like Addie, Graham's first birthday fell on a Saturday so we were really excited.  I decided on a whale theme, because I think whales are about the cutest thing.  I never had this fascination before but for some reason, I love whales.  I made the cutest invitation but can't locate the picture file at this time.

I decided to make the food related to our whale theme.  We had sea shells (tortilla chips) along with caviar (cowboy caviar).

Along with seaweed dip (spin & artichoke dip).

The sea urchin (sweet meatballs) were a big hit!

Sea anemone (broccoli slaw) is a big favorite of mine.

Chicken of the seashells (chicken salad) was also a big hit for the adults.

While sea snails (pigs in a blanket) were a big hit with the kiddos.

Addie and I painted the whale sign that we hung above the gift table the day before his party.

I made the cupcakes and coordinated them with the colors of the party.  His cake should have been sitting in the spot on the table but the icing was in serious danger of melting off his cake.

My girlfriend helped make the sign above, however he was not 28lbs at one.  I misjudged and we hadn't gone for his year check yet.  He was actually 23lbs.

Miss Addie spent her time watching cartoons while we set up.

I wish it was warm enough for shorts and tanks right now.

Unlike Addie, Graham was ready to eat cake.  So much so that I barely made it to him and the tray locked down for him to begin.

It's much easier to bring your face to the cake than the cake to your face.  Everyone had a great time, especially Graham who didn't even nap the entire day.  Caused for a cranky night, but how many times do you turn one?!


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